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We are looking forward to planning the 2022 College Bass Shootout.
Please stay tuned for details on dates and registration!
About the competition

About College Bass Shootout 2021

With no entry fee, this tournament is the perfect way to test and develop your fishing skills and talents.
Hybrid Style Event

100 teams will be competing in a traditional 5 fish format on Day 1 of the event, complete with a weigh-in. On Day 2, the top 4 teams will advance and fish catch, weigh, release style.

Held Annually

After our inaugural event is held in 2021, this tournament will be held annually. With each passing year, we will seek to draw in talented young fishermen at the college level to grow the event every year!

Cash Prizes

The event will offer lucrative cash prizes for the 1st through 4th place teams, as well as separate cash prizes for the biggest bass on each day of the tournament.

NO entry fee!

We are so happy to be able to offer this tournament to collegiate anglers without them having to pay an expensive entry fee.


1st Place Team
The 1st place overall team will receive $10,000
2nd Place Team
The 2nd place team will receive $3,000
3rd Place Team
The 3rd place team will receive $2,000
4th Place Team
And even the 4th place team will receive $1,000
Biggest Bass Day 1 & 2
The angler who catches the biggest bass on the first day and second day of the tournament will receive a cash prize of $1,000 each, courtesy of Realtree.
Top 10 Swag
The Top 10 teams will all receive amazing gifts from our sponsors, including $500 in gift cards, new Wiley X sunglasses, and Igloo coolers.

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